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The System Dynamics Africa Regional Chapter is organizing its 2nd Chapter Workshop to exchange novel ideas and practical experience in System Dynamics. The 2nd International Workshop on System Dynamics and Data Analytics (IAWSD 2016) under the theme “Systems Modelling for Sustainable Development” will be held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Nairobi, Kenya on 21-22 January 2016.

This International Workshop will play a major role in advancing the field of System Dynamics (SD) in leveraging the opportunities brought about by data analytics to address the emerging global societal challenges. This topic is of particular interest at this time because of the potential contributions of big data analytics in decision making and policy development.

The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness of SD and its applications in solving pressing societal challenges across Africa and elsewhere in the world.   This workshop would be of interest to SD members, researchers and practitioners in sustainable development and PhD candidates who are interested in SD as a problem solving approach.

The workshop articles are expected to be on basic or applied research, case studies, critical review essays, surveys, opinions and commentaries on how system dynamics may address societal challenges. The topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Global health and healthcare systems
  • Education
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Drought and Climate change
  • Software systems development
  • Water usage
  • Green energy
  • Economic inclusion
  • Human mobility (transportation and traffic)
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Technology innovation / transfer
  • Smart cities
  • Big data for sustainable development
  • Big data analytics in health care
  • Big data for innovation and productivity
  • Natural resources (oil, gas, geothermal)
  • Environment conservation
  • Policies for sustainable transition
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Community resilience
  • Security, migration and counter terrorism

Participants will benefit from an international perspective and meaningful insights of leading SD experts and fellow delegates from the Africa region and the rest of the world.

All accepted papers will be published in the in the International Journal of Systems modelling and Analytics (IJSMA)  ISSN: 2524688. Important Dates can be viewed here.
The paper format and submission details can be accessed via this link: Call for Workshop Papers.
Early Registration fees for the workshop are $200 for students and $350 for non-students.
Late Registration fees for the workshop are $250 for students and $400 for non-students.
Kindly fill in and submit the IAWSD 2016 Registration Form


There will also be a 3 day system dynamics school and PhD colloquium before the workshop from 18th to 20th January, 2016. The aim of the school will be to provide practical modelling support on a range of emerging societal sustainable development challenges.  Registration for the Savannah School is USD 250. Only miss it if you must!! Please include this as part of your registration when filling in the IAWSD 2016 Registration Form. The Savannah School programme can be accessed via this link: Savannah School Schedule


The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) is the venue of the workshop and also offers accommodation facilities. We encourage you to stay at KSMS to keep the workshop affordable. For reservations:

Email:                                        Website:

The booking reference is “IAWSD 2016”. The negotiated bed & breakfast fee is USD 100 per night.  All arrangements and reservations must be done directly with KSMS. We look forward to seeing you in Nairobi!


The workshop schedule will be available soon. The call for workshop participation can be accessed via this link.


For any information related to the Workshop and Savannah School, please contact the organizing team on the following email

Alternatively, contact the The Africa Chapter President, Ddembe Williams on the  following:                                   Tel: +254708726398