The Benelux Chapter of the System Dynamics provides a platform for information exchange and cooperation for anyone interested in System Dynamics with a clear link to Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg. The two annual chapter meetings organized in the Benelux allowed members to present finished work. This third annual meeting at the annual System Dynamics conference in Cambridge MA is dedicated to information exchange between existing members (and new members) regarding (i) work in progress, new projects, and future opportunities, (ii) great ideas, excellent plans, exciting activities, and brilliant strategies for the chapter, (iii) recent and future developments and possible cooperation in our educational programs. It also offers new (current) members the opportunity to get to know current (new) members. Do not miss this opportunity to meet and greet your Benelux colleagues. For the Dutch: the coffee is for free!

Scheduled activities:

February 7, 2014, Nijmegen –  annual Benelux Chapter conference

The adaptive potential of social systems

The world is becoming ever more complex. Within a year, financial troubles in the US housing market changed from a local problem to a global issue, threatening the financial and economic stability of the entire world. A disease in South East Asia affected worldwide air traffic, and the eruption of a volcano on Iceland brought global aviation to a grinding halt. To what extend can social systems cope with this increasing complexity and the its intrinsic uncertainty? In what ways can the adaptive capacity of social systems be enhanced or improved to better cope with uncertainties? How can systems thinking in general, and system dynamics in particular be used to support this? Questions like these will be explored in more detail during this meeting of the Benelux chapter of the international System Dynamics Society.

Abstracts/presentation topics can be send to Etiënne Rouwette (e.rouwette<at> and Jan Kwakkel (j.h.kwakkel<at>